AT Media Hiburan Anniversary

with Nubhan..

We arrive at about 4 pm ( with my boss) we went through a metal detector and then went straight up on a lift to 500m above sea lvl. Starts to feel a bit dizy.. anyway.. on the lift there was Deja Moss and few others people who was visiting the KL Tower.

As soon as the lift opened we went out and signed the guestbook at the reception. Then we went into the banquet hall and I saw a crowd of actors/actress/singers.. I was quite excited but at the same time we had an argument.. so I wasn't quite that happy at that time.

Then after seing Shaari AF, Dynas, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Anuar Zain, and many more.. I felt a bit relieved. My boss asked me to go to the buffet table with him.. so I didn't felt anger anymore.

I managed to snap a picture or two..


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