Marry Brown

Lately, I have been dining out and rarely cook.
Well, I have been so busy at work.
Sorry to my fellow friends who asked me out during this time.

So, a few days ago I went to MARRYBROWN..
to do what else but eat.
I picked NASI AYAM MARRYBROWN which looks delicous.
The rice was plain rice with sambal, fried chicken, accompanid with pappadom,
fried ikan bilis and peanut and pickled vegetables.
The taste was quite good but still cannot be compared with MALAYSIAN NASI LEMAK or
mom's home cooked meals.
I choose strawberry F&N carbonated drinks to go along with my meal.
All in all it cost me about RM10 per meal.
If you want to try out this meal, I suggest you go to MARRYBROWN.
If not, its better to cook your own meal and save your pocket money.


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