KUaLa GAndAh!

15th March 2008:

7.15 am Brought all our bags and off to Malaysian Tourism Centre ( MTC) near Saloma Bistro.

9.10 am Off to to Kuala Gandah, Pahang

10 am About 10 am we arrived at Dearland Kuala Gandah.
A brief explanation and words or advise from the founder of Deerland
Then in we all gooooo.....

Uda the sun bear, one of the animals in Deerland.
soooo cute..

Feeding the deer, oh so aggrasive..yet they are hungry.

1pm lunch, yay!

Rice cooked in leaf, Beef rendang, Chicken cooked in bamboo, Mixed vege and watermelon.

BBQ Talapia fish with Soy Sauce Sambal

The food was excelent.. I was stuffed!

Next stop, herb park.. there were lots and lots of herbs which is also situated in the Deerland area.

At 3 pm we went to Elephant Sanctuary to ride the elephant..I was excited..
Then at 6 went to Warisan Homestay to get info regarding homestay programs in Kuala Gandah.
Then went to dewan serbaguna to dine Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak along with sambal belacan and jantung pisang as ulam.. yum yum.. Finally around 7 we ride the bus and went straight to Selesa Hillhomes resort which is situated in Pahang.


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