Restoran BARRA


Teh O Ais

Nan Garlic

Yesterday, my friends and I had decided to undergo a culinary adventure to Barra, a 24hours "mamak" restaurant. It was based on an assignment we had to do which was taking video on people's eating habit. It was quite fun where we became a spy and took a few vids. Lol~ Some people are really hungry..

Roti Telur

I ordered Teh O' Ais (Ice tea) and roti telur (roti canai with egg) accompanied with dalca, curry and anchovy sambal. I was quite full at that time due to break "fast" after maghrib with rice with beef paprik( beef cooked with a tomyam like paste). The roti telur was nice..I could taste the softness of the egg and the crispness of the bread.. Yum~ It just meltz in your mouth.

Mee Goreng Mamak Style

My friend Zatul ordered mee goreng mamak, cooked mamak style meanwhile Kak Efa ordered nan garlic. Both was quite good. We took some pictures along the way.. Check it out~

Moi et Zat
FOOD: 3.5


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