It's Sunday!!!!! Yay! No really that happy..
Anyway, I'm on assignment + shopping time.. lol :)
Me, Zatul & Mimi went to The Curve on a search for a restaurant to do our assignment.
It was a though luck, the restaurant we search for went BANKRUPT! D'uh!
We were laughing cause after a long walk and going ups and down finally, the answer was nothing. Anyway, we didn't give up that easily, so Mimi decided to try out a restaurant that we passed by. Luckily, the manager gave us a yes but only on Monday can we interview him. Thank god!
After that, we've decided to spend the rest of the evening shopping... yay! Fun..
The first stop was a stall at The Curve Flee Market- open on Saturday and Sunday only, Zat asked me to try out a pair of cool, square blue shade.. kinda cute~ The owner told us to not take picture but still I managed to snap one, haha~ Sorry to the vendor.
It was a kinda late for lunch when we stopped for a bite at SHIOK cafe at CineLeisure.. (the signboard with spoon on the letter 'O'). I was trying to figure out the concept and theme of the cafe.. with combination of Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian food. A bit Asian.. The exterior and interior is fun, bright and with orange and yellow colored, with a broken mirror-oval kinda lamps hanging on the ceilings and white colored chairs and tables. The waiter and waitress are all Indonesian. My friends tried out, Indonesian Kunyit Rice with Chicken Curry which appeared to be tumeric glutinous rice.
As for myself, I ordered Prawn Sambal Fried Rice.. looking very delicious..When the waitress served it to me, I awaited patiently to fulfill my very hungry stomach.. The fried rice was red from the chili paste, and yellow capsicums and chilies it is cooked with which is quite spicy suitable for those with a appetite for spicy food and served hot. If not for the air conditioner, I would sweat my head out. The rice is then accompanied with sunny side up egg fried on a pan with crispy crust and a soft yellow center which just melts in your mouth and sambal prawn which is spicy and you can smell the prawn. However it is suitable for those with spicy taste bud as both fried rice and sambal prawn is quite spicy.

The day ended when all of us got really tired with aching feet.
**Remind myself not to walk for hours and hours again!


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