Japanese? not so japanese?

Salmon Fried Rice Chicken Fried Rice

Last month, I went to Low Yatt Plaza to survey my most wanted favorite stuff on my wishlist. After browsing a few hours, my tummy was singing "the hungry song". I was screaming my tummy out... haha.. hungry hungry hungry..la la..la.

Of course la my partner in crime abg amy was with me. hehe...both were guilty of being so hungry.

After that, both of us went down the escalator the lowest level of the building. We saw a glimpse of hope as we arrived on that level.. taddaaaaa.. It was heaven.. "food heaven". My eyes were spinning around.. I was in dilemma.. dunno what to 'chow' down. Then both of us decided it was Japanese.. Japanese pun Japanese lah~

Let me get you into Japanese mood. As I sat down on a long wooden bench I look around.. The retaurant was decorated with flowers taped on the walls (which was not really that nice, anyway it was fake flowers, d'uh!). But overall the decor was Japanese, I guess they manage to eccencuate the Japanese atmosphere and ambiance however in a cheap kind of way-- not that I am saying much. Enough about the restaurant.. lets get to the food.

Okay~ the food! I praise the restaurant for having a variety of foods in the menu. It was lots of choices from sushi to japanese fried rice. It was a relieved when I saw the menu. I love food so much..lol! (everyone does.) So I ordered chicken fried rice and as for abg amy; he ordered salmon fried rice (his favorite is salmon). We also added pandan chicken into our selections.

The service was good, the waiter is very friendly.. and patience (he had to stand abg amy babbling about the food and joking). The best part is the water here is refillable.. I like this one.. when finished your drinks just go to the refill station and refill the drinks you want. (nice rite!).

I say, that the taste of the food is was quite good; each has their own flavored and yes~ it still eccencuate the Japanese taste into it. However, I wonder is there really fried rice in Japanese cuisine. The portion is enough to fill up your hunger and the price is moderate~ not so expensive. I would go back to the restaurant.


Food 3.5/5

Atmosphere 2/5

Price 3/5


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