Hunger for RASAMAS

Hehe.. My first food entry for 2009 is about RASA MAS. Have you ever heard about this one?
Actually this restaurant is under KFC Holdings sdn bhd which focus on roasted chicken to their customer. As you walk in you might see the design and decor of the restaurant is actually almost to KFC and Pizza Hut. The plates and hot pan are also similar to both.

As for the price, is actually affordable to all Malaysian. I pick a set for 2 of Golden roasted chicken, rice, tofu, beansprouts, and soft drinks. I also added chicken soup with a basket of garlic sticks. Yum yum. The taste was quite good however cannot be compared to Kenny Rogers' Roasted Chicken which was quite crispy.

However, if you want to try out then go. Add another culinary adventure to your palette.


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