Eid Mubarak!

Happy Eid Mubarak!
in the car

Woke up this morning quite early.
Ate some lemang with rendang- yum~
as I posted in my blog last night.
So, after breakfast, took a shower and wear my new baju kurung.
It was kinda purplish and chocolate in color, with a few squared shaped diamond on it.
I wore it with a black shawls and carry my purple bag (which I bought from my friend). Sweett~
After that, off we go to Matang Acheh (my mom's kampung).
It was not a long journey about an hour or so.
As we arrive, of course we hit the table again with rendang, lontong, sambal ikan bilis, lemang, nasi impit, and sup tulang. Delicious~
My tummy is full, and so we took a ride to visit our grandpa who's living with our step grandmother.
Hakim, my cousin first child

I took a few pictures of my cousin's child especially the newborn.
There was too much activity going on around the house.
My relatives chit chatting, eating, watching tv...
Of course I still get my 'duit raya' (because im not married yet).. he3
Well, my sister and mom took a few slurp out of our step grandmother's curry noodles.
I gave it a 3 out of 5.
Then off to another house of our realtives who is our grandfather's youngest sister.


I love going to Tok cik's house because everything in there is good enough to fill my appetite especially laksa. Yummy~
When the tummy gets full, its time to go!
Back to grandma's house.
The same old activity of giving 'duit raya' and chit chatting.

my sis and our cousin

rose shaped biscuit

Finally, it time to go home..I'm so tired!


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