Preparation before Aidilfitri

Finally, Syawal comes again after a month of fasting.
It was a month full of mental challenges and positive thinking.
Alas, the time has come for all muslims all over the world to celebrate the new month of Syawal.

Today, was quite busy with preparartion before Syawal.
I cleaned the house while my sister was baking her recipe for cookies.
As for my brother, he was doing the "ketupat".

Everyone was preoccupied at that times.
At about 5pm, our whole family when out on a mission.
What is our mission?
To find "lemang"!

Yes, we did find it.
I even have prove to show you.
Choosing the perfect lemang


Me and my sis

After that, we went on a search of food for break 'fast'.
Ouh' it was a challenge especially when browsing for food in the middle of the rain.
Finally, it was break 'fast' and it was the last one for the year 2009.
Well, I will wait for fasting season in 2010.
Then, my brother and I went to cook 'rendang' for our lemang and ketupat. YUM~

Our finished rendang. bon appetite!

Lastly, both of us continue baking these lovely cookies.
Not really, finished yet with the final touches. Wait tomorrow to check out the whole picta!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to All of my frens!
Maaf Zahir & Batin.


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