thanks a lot to all my frens for wishing me on my bithday! had a blast~
last nite i went on a shopping spree and bought a piece of knitted cardigan it was red.
lol~ due to chinese new year. I'm taking a good vibe from the CNY. I need 'ong' rite now in my life. :) hopefully.

this year is quite a good year with a good start. of course the year of tiger brings more luck to 1986 born child (like me). but i wish everything will go well this year.
more opportunites and luck. LUCK LUCK LUCK! ok..little of my chinese blood kinda influence me to believe that LUCK is important in life. however EFFORT is still needed. LUCK without EFFORT is worthless. Yea, that's it! Believe moi!

well, i'll be posting more on my birthday celebration later on. check 'em. toodles.


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