Chicken Soup for the soul..

Chicken soup

I am fan of chicken soup but not the thick and creamy soup rather the light and refreshing chicken soup. Yum~

One of my favorite dish with a hot plate of rich accompanied with sambal belacan. Oh so tempting~

This is my version of chicken soup:

The ingredients:

2 chicken breast - cubed
2 no celery stick - cubed
1 no tomato - wedges
1 no onion - sliced
2 no bird eye chilli (cili padi)
1 inch ginger -sliced
1 garlic - sliced
30 gm blackpepper - crushed
1 cinammon stick
2 nos of cloves
1 no cardamon
30 gm chicken powder/cube
1 liter water
coriander leaves - chopped for garnish
Salt and pepper.

Firstly, heat pot and oil. Then saute the onion, chili, ginger, garlic, blackpepper, cinamon, cardamon and cloves.
Then pour in water and let it simmer. Next, add in chicken cube and the chicken. After a few minutes add in the celery. Season with salt and pepper. After that, add in the tomatoes and remove from the stove. Finally, pour on bowl and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve with plain rice and sambal belacan. yummy~


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