Patin masak tempoyak

Lunch for today was a bit far away from home.
Me and my housemates went to TTDi to try out new food for our tastebud.
I never been there so I was quite suprise by the numbers of people patronizing the restaurant.
There was a variety of dish from sambal sotong, patin masak tempoyak, singgang ikan, to bubur jagung and etc.
I pick out something I rarely eat which is patin masak tempoyak with ulam.
As for the drink, I had lime ice.
The food is quite good.
My friends managed to get a few infomation about the shop.
The owner is a Kelatanese.
So no suprise about the menu there.
Want to try a new place?
Go to Sri TTDi.


  1. try ayam kampung restraunt in kota damansara


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